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1971 CL175 cafe buildup

got my setup plus tons of extras for $300 a couple days ago!!
OK, so I have not taken as many pictures as i would have liked to, but here is the story. Found a deal on Craigslist for $800, talked him down to $300, thinking it was a simple DIY cafe project with a couple extras. Turns out I got way more than what I paid for!
ALso if anyone needs any parts, let me know, I should be able to help you out
2 frames, a CL175 and CB175, the cl has a title
3 tanks
3 seats two in good condition
loads of gauges and lights ( enough for 3 bikes)
2 motors, one is ready to go, the other is half assembled, will do a rebuild on some down time.
parts from three other motors
3 wiring harnesses
brand new coils and wheel bearings
3 sets of wheel, two with new tires and tubes
a new set of rims, spokes and nipples
2 pairs of forks
and pretty much every part you can think of multiplied by 3.

In other words, somewhere in this mess of parts, is a great bike waiting to be built.

this is how i got it

just some of the extras i got

the new coil installed, btw, does it matter which spark plug wire goes to which side?

as it sits now

I am waiting on the Clymer manual with wiring diagram to finish hooking things up

these parts are in the mail
Throttle cable
clutch cable
front brake cable
new gaskets

I still need a chain, a right hand side set of controls for the handlebars, and a headlight cover and mount.
any suggestions on a chain?
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