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Originally Posted by MedicineBow View Post
I do the same thing with my SPOT-1, run it with high-capacity NiMH rechargeables, but carry a set of Lithiums for just-in-case. An advantage of the '1' is it takes larger AA size, and I have run it for a week tracking 12-14 hrs/day, on a single charge of (2) 2000mAh NiMH batteries. The battery indicator turns red after 24-48 hrs, but I believe that just reflects the 1.2v operating voltage of NiMH. No apparent drop-off of tracking rate - it was consistently 70-80% the entire time.

I believe the 'Lithium-only' is just lawyerly CYA from SPOT. Mine has run flawlessly on a steady diet of rechargeables for almost 2 yrs.
I would be more concerned when/if you ever use the 911button. That sends a message every 5minutes until the battery runs flat. If you are lying there with a broken leg, how will your mind be affected if you see it flashing red?

Are the messages getting through or arent they, you will never know until/if someone turns up looking for you

Are you sure you want to chance it? A set of Lithiums last around 15,000km in track mode all day while moving, that is before the red light comes on, this is still a cost, but in my mind, safer than the nicads I had been using on occasion
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