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for me "in the city" is within a 25 mile radius of downtown los angeles, give or take. and further treks can be taken "in the city." 25 miles west will put you in the ocean and 25 miles east might get you on some secondary highways. but all in all for me the city is pretty much los angeles and all its surrounding districts and cities north, south, east and west

lots of cars are "in the city." you bob them, weave them, and leave them behind. you are invisible, they never see you pass. you aren't even there for them to see, "in the city."

"in the city" traffic ebbs and flows. sometimes faster, sometimes slower. but its all the same to us scooterist. are they even cars? nope, they are not. in the city everything is just another obstacle to slide by or get through or split. there is no traffic in the city. i never seem to run into any. in the city a scooter makes its own lanes. in cali we can lane split in the city. a city street is my eight lane highway. for me the city is where a small wheeled, nimble 150cc is best. motorcycles be damned, you don't need one in the city. anyone who says you do should not ride anything in the city. i fear for their safety in the city.

but define it? well, you gotta ride the city it to know it. for me its fairly thrilling. its doing 45-50mph in a 35mph zone. i don't have to slow down in the city. all i have to do is slide, glide, and split....and i'm gone in the city :)


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