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Lots of talk about tents: weight, poles, and cost. With about 40 years of camping experience my biggest bitch with every tent is the cheap pegs that come with the tent. After years of watching those crappy aluminum noodles bend at the hint of hard ground I finally bit the bullet and bought something more substantial. The same (very expensive) set of 8 pegs has served me through about half a dozen tents. In terms of cost per use they are damn near free now. I'll avoid giving a plug for a brand but just say that upgrading the pegs on any tent is a critical step if you want to use the tent over and over. I prefer tubular pegs because they won't nick other stuff that is packed nearby.
Good point on the pegs. I've got a full set of MSR groundhog stakes and their thinner ones meant for harder ground. They are titanium and I've beat the living hell out of the thin ones into ground I probably shouldn't have even been camping on an they keep on trucking with only 2 or 3 showing any signs of benson at all.

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