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Originally Posted by foxtrapper View Post
Chuckle, been tobogganing it around the fields a bit already. Very docile, which is part of why I bought one. In some ways, it's easier to handle in grass than my XL500 with knobbies is.

You should have seen them at the dealership where I got seduced by the Road King. Playing with the various Harleys from an ADV rider perspective. Just standing up on the pegs/boards and such, making sure I could shift and brake that way. Made some eyes bug out. Especially out on the test ride, dancing the bike around while standing up.

Don't argue that the rider is the biggest limiting factor, as well the greatest advantage. Just sniffing around for the tire that has the best balance of pavement & dirt road riding, as opposed to just low noise or interstate highway mileage. Hard to find that info.

Looks like a toss-up between the Dunlop E3, Conti Milestone, Metzler 880, and Michelin Commander II. Just discovered those Michelins, and some of the things I've read make it seem like the dark horse unknown winner. Several very happy postings from guys who've ridden them up through Alaska for example.

I know what you mean about the looks at the Hd dealer! Should have seen the looks when asking about raising the bike a couple of inches and when I commented that I would love a light weight exhaust if someone had one that was as quiet as stock.

I also got some funny looks when my daughter and I rode 30 miles through a wildlife management area 2 up as well as when I was jumping it over a hill and doing sideways slides through corners on a dirt road in front of a buddies house.

I had the ME880s and they were great for the first 11k miles. One thing that was weird was that when they were nearing the end of their life they began to slip something fierce in the rain. I rode the Dunlops down to nothing and they never exhibited that characteristic. I am now riding the Commander IIs and so far so good. I have put about 6k on them and they look new. They seem to do fine on dirt/gravel (they seem to shed mud pretty well also) and are very nice on pavement. Zero complaints so far.

My dad lives in AK and has ridden the Dempster on a fully loaded Sporty with the stock Dunlops. He was 70 when he did that trip. I'm sure that with a little practice you would be fine.
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