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I just saw this thread. The tent the OP was referring to was a Catoma tent. Those are a little unique in that they are "60 Second Tents". The entire tent is self-contained. You just unwrap it, shake it out, and click the poles into place--tent is setup in ~one minute.

Their tents are geared more toward firefighters that have to be able to set up & break down their equipment very quickly. Weight & length is not as much of an issue as it would be for motorcycle campers or backpackers. That said, their tents are longer & heavier than most. Their 2 plus 2 model is a monster for bike camping.

I have a Catoma Falcon, which at the time was the lightest, smallest, & least expensive tent they made. I learned the hard way that when you are camping in a mosquito infested area, you want to be able to set your tent up & be inside it quickly... My friends that I was riding with were both inside their tents laughing like crazy while I was outside unfolding poles & setting my tent up in a hoard of mosquitoes while swearing a blue streak. We camped in a different place every night on the road & that tent paid off big time.

I also have a Nemo Losi 2P tent & a Marmot Limelight 3. I bought those more for use at a destination camping trip where I needed vestibule space for my gear. Both are lightweight tents with short pole sections.

My first motorcycle camping tent was an REI Half Dome bought on eBay for$80. The seller was upgrading to a newer model of the same tent & had taken very good care of this one. I figured I couldn't lose on the deal--used it for years & was hard pressed to find anything better. I replaced it with the Marmot for more floor space & headroom. That REI tent was & still is a great bargain.

Bottom line: Buy the tent that fits what you plan to do with it & that fits your budget. One friend buys Wal Mart tents & has gone through several in a year. He now has Eureka. Bought new aluminum poles to replace the fiberglass ones so it would pack smaller.

There are a ton of threads here on tents along with ten times as many opinions as to what the best one is.....

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