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From now on you are going to see a lot of higher elevations until well into Argentina and Chile.

Peru can be a bit problematic depending on the route. In the Andes you will see elevations from sea level to over 15,000 feet and back, sometimes in the same day, as on the Cajamarca to Celendin route as well as others. Tough to jet properly for that stuff, and there can be quite a bit of it.

Bolivia can be consistently pretty high depending on the routes you take, particularly in the SW Altiplano where it is rare to see anything under 12-13,000 feet. Eventhough the CV carbs are pretty good with elevation changes, the bike might like a leaner main jet for this stuff.

Glad you are enjoying Colombia, looks like youre having a great time. The whole crew in Medellin is awesome. On my way down it took me two months to get out of there, and on the way back it took another two months, but that was mainly because of the girl. During my travels, meeting new people and making new friends became the highlights and most cherished memories. There are a lot of really good people in the world and they far outnumber the assholes.

Youre doing a fantastic job on the RR, thanks for taking all of us along. I think you have the right idea amigo, make plans day by day, but even then those daily plans will get shit canned from time to time. That's beauty of not planning, you can go wherever, whenever. Youre just getting a small taste of things to come. Epic stuff awaits you, a metric shit ton of it.

Ride fast, take lots of chances. Just kidding of course, but its tough not to do down there.

salud, Vin
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