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Is that the trail Rudy, Thanh and I found you on? If so then that is where the WR died too, never bring a butter knife to a gun fight!!

Originally Posted by alcontrast View Post
haha, nice catch Rob! My center stand was fucked up so I just laid the bike on it's side to pull the rear wheel and fix a flat.. It was pretty quick work actually but plenty of people stopped and took pictures of me and my beached whale of a bike.. I think a few of the paparazzi bastards actually offered to help if needed though..

I'm looking into options to make the bike a bit more off road worthy for 2013.. Mostly taking off some weight but while not spending a ton of money to shave a few ounces.. I like the Pelican cases a lot but I'm contemplating soft cases or going ultra-lite and just using a waterproof duffel strapped to the rear rack along with my "tank" bag and a hydration pack with a little storage capacity. Plan for a discussion about custom soft cases at the pre-New Years Eve camp-n-ride...
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