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It has been a little while since my last post and I do have a little progress to report; but again not as much as I would like to have done. I had a local machinist bore my original cylinder for a slightly larger aftermarket piston.
In looking at the cylinder head from my donor engine and comparing it with my original head, I noticed that oil channels are not present on the cam journal surfaces on the 1979 (donor) head but they are present on my original 1980 head.
The smoked 1980 head:

The donor 1979 head:

My Clymer manual references the oil channels but the manual is generic for all model years.

Did the 1979 model not have the oil channels? If not how was the cam bearing lubricated? The 79 head is not worn/damaged...
I'm looking into sending my smoked 1980 head off to MegaCycle Cams in Cali to have a needle bearing cam installed. I could use the repaired head and keep the motor mostly original or keep it as a spare part; though I'm leaning towards using the repaired head if I'm going to spend the money to repair it. Does anyone have any experience with MegaCycle Cams?

I have a few more questions but I won't list them all in this post.
Thanks in advance.
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