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Originally Posted by Yakima View Post
I rebuilt my bike, an 85 honda Nighthawk. 650 with shaft drive. It's enough bike for me and my budget.
I've rebuilt the top end--no more burning oil--and installed Progressive springs front and rear.
I've been riding three years and have a couple long trips under my belt. (1000 and 3000 mile journeys)
Here's my question:
How can I determine if things are properly set up on my bike with nothing to compare to and so few miles of experience to draw on?
For example, tire pressure or shock preload: just experiment? Even then I don't have enough experience to say "That's better" or "That's worse."
People on here are going to argue about a ton of stuff in this thread, it may involve Rossi, Stoner etc.

Here's my 2 cents:

Buy it, read it , learn from it. Leaning how things work is a big step towards getting them to work better. After a while, you will know when your bike is set up well. What's it's doing good and what needs improvement.
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