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Sorry guys.... the update's going to be a lot shorter today..... another long post just disappeared into the ether. I do so love forums that have autosave.

I'll leave it with the last photos from the first village and do the rest up (again) later.

This water point will almost certainly have been an aid project. Potable water is almost always the first bit of aid to reach remote villages and it has a major impact on health

Grandmas get plenty of work here... if they are still around

There was a bit of waiting around...

They aren't exactly tall in this village

Yeah, she didn't look overly happy, but she got some aches cream... and she was smiling at times after that... just not for the camera

Eventually, folks were gathered and words were said...

The folks from the village wanted to do a full-blown thank you ceremony, but we had to get to two other villages that day, so off we went

Here's where we stopped for lunch. We simply pulled up near a creek, spread out the picnic that Monica had prepared, jumped up onto a bamboo shelter and chomped away.

There's shelters like that all over Asia, the farmers build them so they can watch the rice grow... or whatever.

One of the dishes Monica had sourced, ready prepared, at the Hongsa market, was a Buffalo skin salad. Its lovely.... and we had it back in town too

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