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Dr. E . WOW! You make what i'm trying to do childsplay. Can't wait for your pdf file. My resurrected Ta is still coming along well.Yours looks better than mine before you started the build.I will ad pics...I promise, tried tonight but photobucket said it didn't know me.Mine was crashed and left for dead for 10 + years. So far...xrl complete front end, new tires, boiled carb twice, rebuilt/repaired back side of platics, alot of scrubbing/touchup, rear shock with modified spacer, and the list goes on.... I debated selling my vstrom to pay for a lot of well needed parts...but i love the wee too, modern reliable. I'll just have to be patient. Anyway, I had a question for you gurus. I did the 40 jet change, cause she took forever to warm up. Now my choke doesn't work right. I know it functions, just doesn't idle. I drilled out the pilots and have played with 1 turn out to 2.5 turns with everything in between. Still no easy start. Once warm up shes fine, just needs throttle to get her going a bit. I 've searched and searched.Is it because i didn't shim my needles? What does raising the needle do to the mixture? Thanks for any advice. The Myans were wrong, go figure.
If it set up for ten years it could have something really stopped up. But it sounds like you had it running. Check the idle air jets and be sure the choke plungers are closing all the way. Also check the sync on the carbs, and vacuum leaks. Mine idles best with the mixture/volume screws out ~ 4 turns out. Raising the needles shouldn't effect the idle much/any...makes coming on the mid range circuit a little richer. My carbs are 100% stock...runs perfect.

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