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It's a short cut, really
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There's a lot going on in carbs so there are a lot of questions for you.

Now my choke doesn't work right. I know it functions, just doesn't idle.
Can you be more specific here? What do you mean by "doesn't work right"? Do the choke slides move in and out of the carbs? Are the soft sealing ends of the choke plungers in good shape? Do the plungers move in and out of the carbs without binding? Are the plastic covers that thread into the carbs in good shape?

Does the bike start easier with the choke on? Once warmed up does activating the choke make the bike run so rich it slows the idle speed and eventually dies? should.

I drilled out the pilots and have played with 1 turn out to 2.5 turns with everything in between.
I'm assuming you mean you drilled out the pilot mixture adjusting screw plugs and now have access to the screws. If you just did this does it mean that you "boiled" the carbs with those screws in place?

What does "boiled the carbs" actually mean?

OK..if you soaked the carbs or something with the pilot mixture adjusting screws in place, you likely did something nasty to the tiny O-rings that live at the end of those screws. Those screws, the small spring, small washer and tiny O-ring should be removed before soaking/boiling the carbs in anything.

These mixture screws fine tune the idle mixture of the carbs so if they are dirty, clogged or not sealing due to O-ring damage you will not be able to adjust idle mixture.

Correct idle mixture should be achieved with the screws set between 1/2 and 3 turns out. When turning the screws in do not bottom them hard into the carb body...they are small sensitive tapers.

When removing these screws from the carb for cleaning and inspection be careful. The screw will come out first, then a small spring, then a tiny washer and then a tiny O-ring. You may have to tap the carb on the bench to dislodge the washer and O-ring. The O-ring should not be flattened torn, stretched or partially dissolved by a carb-cleaning solution.

What does raising the needle do to the mixture?
Raising the needles makes the mixture richer between 1/3 and 3/4 throttle...or there abouts. You should not have to change this in the TA unless you've done something radical to the airbox or exhaust.

Photos would be a huge help
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