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Originally Posted by torquerat View Post

So less the fast approaching holidays, are your computer problems all taken care of and getting back on track and to a normal build schedule? 10 deg might be cold as Badbs101 said but 32 is game on
Yes, I think so, and thanks for sticking it out with me. And yes I have to agree, 32deg is still rideable. According to Amazon S3, the data in my S3 account is backed up at many separate locations, that should be enough. (Note, Dropbox file sync service is an Amazon S3 reseller. They're doing ok for not having any servers of their own.)

Really though, the delays were simply because this IICE Air started out as a spare-time project. I mean, it's more than we ever though it would be, but the work I put in on it is still the same. For example, imagine finding 500+ spare hours over the course of a year. I mean, I got things to do. See a movie, work on my tan, you know.


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