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Regarding the Jumper Settings

Originally Posted by MrPickle View Post

I only saw references to 'really hot' and 'really cold' regarding jumper settings. As these are relative, can you provide the air temperatures you believe should trigger jumper setting changes?
Another relative way to say that is when it's nearly too hot or to cold to be out riding. I'm not trying to be obtuse, merely hoping to lower the perceived importance of the settings. The 'really hot' and really cold' settings do make a difference, try them and see. There is no risk in trying the different settings. No risk to the bike in any way. It might be that you like one setting over another.

As JJ says, many riders like to experiment with the different settings regardless of the outside temperature. According to their reports, a few riders prefer one setting over another even during pleasant temperatures, but almost everyone leaves the jumper at the -20C factory setting.

A more fundamental reason for the jumper settings is to maintain compatibility with the future IICE products.

-20C is the factory setting.


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