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sprint 1050

i have ridden the falco, vfr800 , owned a r1100s, r1200st, r1150rt, 07 k1200gt various hondas etc
but the sprint 1050 I have with sorted out brakes, ohlins rear and modified front forks, is by far the best ride,
but you will need to do the suspension and brakes, raise the rear slightly to improve the turn in, use good tires. it handles great and is probably the best motorcycle motor I have had, and I have driven them all including the short list on the top. and you can have a reasonable abs. the tripple has good grunt down low and still produces good power when spun up,
it is easy to ride doesnt require endless shifting in the twisties. and comfortable enough for 400 mile runs, for me i have put bar risers on the later tall bars and that gives enough wrist relief, but it is more towards the sports end. gets good mileage better than the large twins.
and they can be had for 4k or less.
not perfect but a great bike for under 5k and for real world use a good abs system is imho very desireable.

the down sides are it does produce heat on the legs when it is above 90 degrees,
the head lights suck, the factory bags are to small, I have givi keyless bags much better than the stock bags

otherwise properly set up I think the best SPORTS tourer,
but I have the beemer for the sports TOURING activities with all of the electronic gadgets that reviewers think makes a good motorcycle, which I find distracting at best.
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