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Originally Posted by Hessian42 View Post
So DSM8 was kind enough to lend me a spot emergency gps unit for my trip down south. And since the service comes with the tracking page/map i figured i'd share it on here. If any advers are in the same area at any given time and would be down to meet up a for a beer, a ride or whatever please contact me. Meeting folks from this site has been a big unexpected plus on this trip. I'll be in the california/oregon area till around the 2nd week of january before heading to mexico. dS
if you are going very slow thru mexico and around the yucatan at the end of the first week of march i will be coming in from Cuba on the Stahlratte heading north and can help you out on all the border crossings that are easy but fustrating all the same (if not check my RR) have a great christmas on the road

BTW you need a password to open that link you posted
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