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Originally Posted by pingvin View Post
I can't even find them on garmins web page, only zumos and montana?

You say that you import TRACK as custom route...but can't you import my mixed route from mapsource (assume mixed route is a route, not track, just a combination of auto routed and direct routed???).

Seems like the important thing is avoiding recalculation here. If mapspurce and Zumo 66x will do the job fairly well making mixed routes I'd be happy.
Ping, Discontinued model. The Montana is good and you can find used *76 series for sale. Dyrbke can tell you more about Montana as I dont know the unit yet myself.
But basicly, yes, you can build an entire route like this. Bridging unmapped sections with mapped sections. Then the trick is to not have your GPS recalc it because it will not understand your direct routing sections and attempt to go around them messing it up.
Having a route instead of a track will give you much more info while riding like eta, distance to next turn and so on. No big deal on a small day route, but big if your on a multi day huge route you want to give all your attention to your surroundings and not the GPS. A route makes the GPS do the navigation work while you just pilot the bike.
Thats my take on it anyway
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