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Originally Posted by FJrider1 View Post
Man you guys/gals with the BIG dogs... Big dogs big poops big problems...
IME, 'big dogs, big problems' is wrong. It's 'small dog, big problems.'

Was a dog trainer/ dog daycare manager for 7 years - the smaller the dog, the more yappy, destructive, bitey, high-strung, etc. they were likely to be. Especially prone are dogs with the word "miniature" in their breed name. "Terrier" comes from "Terra" (Earth dog), bred to crawl down holes, corner prey or vermin, and kill it. That takes a mean spirit/ high energy/ fearlessness (therefor less content to be a 'follower') - type personality.

So many times people with small apartments or yards would bring us problem Jack Russels, min Pins, etc. that they got because they thought they didn't have the SPACE to take care of a big dog. The small dogs need a LOT of exercise.

When people asked us what breed they should get, we'd ask about their lifestyle, how many hours a week they worked (away from home) what they liked to do for fitness (jogger should own a different dog than a hiker/ camper, e.g.). We matched a few people with tiny apartments up with Mastiffs, and it couldn't have worked out better. Yes, they had to get rid of the coffee table to free up floor space for the dog, but the dog's low energy, low exercise demand, and temperment were a perfect match for that lifestyle. If the owner happened to be a young single woman, owning a giant dog that was bred to bond and protect her wasn't a bad thing, either.

..but yeah, bring a shovel and 30 gal trash bag on that walk.
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