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Sitting out the front of the hotel getting ready to leave having the regualtion chat to one of the people around, Sash who was off to catch a bus so he could get the ferry over to his home in Korcula one of the islands behind me. A little while were all organised and jumped on the bikes and hit the road. Noah is heading further south than me today and I was only going to go to Dubrovnik, he has to be in Greece for Christmas to meet up with someone he had organised on so we were to be parting ways at some point in the day.

There is a town not far south of the Bosnian border called Ston that has this medieval wall so as we got closer I decided I wasnt going to go past without seeing it. Pulled over and said my goodbyes to Noah im pretty sure out paths will cross again somewhere along the line we are basically heading in the same direction for the next 8 months but for now he's off to head towards Georgia to go snowboarding.

The town of Ston is only 5 k's off the highway so wasnt going to take me long to have a look but as im riding down the road a k or two there's Sash walking down the road who I had met a little earlier. I throw him a wave and keep going but decide to go back and see what he is up too he was supposed to be catching a bus.

Anyway turns out he missed the bus and the next one isnt till 4 pm this afternoon and comes from Dubrovnik if he walks down to Ston. I ask him where does the ferry run from and its 60 k's up on the islands so what the hell im not going anywhere in az hurry its only a 120k round trip to drop him there so he chucks on the spare helmet I give him my gloves cause ive got the heated grips and my inner gloves and off we go.

The ride was fantastic although I was taking it easy with him on the back he wasnt the best pillion ive ever had on the back moving around in the corners etc always makes it a little tricky, made me think of Ev she was fantastic on the back seriously you wouldnt know she was there and I remember on a few occassions thinking shit has she fallen off. Still miss my little girl a bit.

Get him to the ferry and theres one in about 30 minutes so that saved him about 6 hours of mucking around twiddling his thumbs in Ston. I asked him would he of hitched and he said no one would stop to pick you up around here, maybe thats a throw back to there prior troubles in this region who knows. Anyway as you can imagine he was a happy little camper to be there. apparently Korcula is very nice, I was tempted to go over and see it with him but had made my mind up to see this wall and get to Dubrovnik and there's hundreds of these little towns dotted around everywhere here in Croatia. I have heard since that the fortress at Korcula is very well preserved and as good Dubrovnik oh well another time.

Got stuck into the riding on the way back theres hardly any traffic so was having alot of fun and the 60 k ride back to Ston didnt take me all that long its a great ride. Im sure it gets busy out here in the summer time as its all island territory and wineries so im guessing there would be a police presence in the summer to catch all the piss heads driving.

Ok ill jsut upload some photos of Ston and Mali Ston so you can see the what it was all about it certainly is impressive stuff but hellls bells surely they couldnt of been that under attack to build such a structure, maybe it jsut gave the minions something to do instead of rebelling against their Kings who knows.

Sitting out the front of the hotel with the islands in the back ground, im sitting in Bosnia and Hertzagovina but the islands are all Croatian, I know how to spoil a good photo by chucking my ugly mug in there.

Sash the happy local was interesting talking to him he came from the area up in the north close to the border of Serbia that was really badly affected in the war, his family had sent him away to school as a 14 yo so he was spared alot of the carnage of the day. Its interesting to gets peoples insights of warfare its not something as an Australian we come across all that much. Here's a good link I found interesting on the sordid saga and how it all began when I was looking into it.

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