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The only beemers I see round here belong to the guy I bought mine from. He still has 2, a '75 R90/6 & an '85 K100RT. Says he's been riding air heads since '85 & been through a slew of them. He found mine in '93 sittng long term in a barn of someone he knows. Since he doesn't turn his own wrench he spent $800 (incl. tires) putting it back on the road. Don't know what all was done, but he got ripped off. Guy primarily only works on Jap bikes. And the mech. nick named mine the dog food bike. When I asked why all he told me was that once he got it started it threw out a lot of dog food pellets across the shop. According to the title mine only had 9K on it in '93 P.O. indicates he hasn't put but 2-3K on it since then. But now the odo is scrambled so I don't know. But I do know the P.O. and have no reason to not believe him. Rarely saw him ride my R80 and rides his other 2 on a frequent basis, both fairing bikes. Doesn't like neked. Tried to give it to his son and when he told me the story, Told him I'd take it since his son turned it down. Good day for me!!!
1978 R80/7
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