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Back on the road to Dubrovnik the last 40 k's into was rainign and cold, that'll teach me to be a nice guy I thought as I started to shiver, but it wasnt all that bad was still only 4 oclock and got to the hostel where im staying and im the only one here so have a 3 story 15 room house to myself for 15 bucks a night, lucky I like my space ha ha

Hers a few pictures I took of Dubrovnik the next day. Im pretty chilled out here doing sweet fa just relaxing going for rides around town meeting nice people along the way.

The pics are all of Dubrovnik Castle man oh man it is an impressive joint im glad im the General sitting on the hill getting the plebs to attack this joint it looks like it would be a mission from hell, so well fortified, i'll have to do a bit of research to see if it was ever attacked successfully or not....Google

Dubrovnik Castle with the Croatian flag flying proudly in the wind.

It is very well fortified from all sides heres a few pictures I took as I walked around

You aint coming in this way boy

or this way

Maybe the other side my be a better option......Nope

Theres got to be some way in here

Damn I think ill just ring the door bell instead

Ok im in that was easy should of thought of that before I had all those minions killed, so heres a few pictures from the inside.

Even if you get in one section you would still have to get through here to take the other side of town

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