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QUOTE=DRjoe;20315879]I'll admit I haven't read most if what's already been written but I'm pretty sure you guys have missed the most important thing about a fairing.

If you have a fairing on your dirt/adv bike then you'll look like a fully sik Dakar racer.[/QUOTE]

There will be NO mistaking me, or my beast for a Dakar bike...mine will be me.
The rally fairing Idea is on my mind because I do still plan on plenty of slabbing, so it would be nice to have something to take some pressure off the chest at hiway speeds, definately not a neccesity for more dirt stuff, even prefered not to have one, but as a combo bike, it needs to be a consideration at least.

What are you working on these days Joe?
How is the twin DR you built doing?
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