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New bike advice?

I'm currently commuting daily on a 1978 Suzuki GS400. It's got enough power to pull me at 70- 75mph on the hwy without crazy vibrations or struggling too much , six speed tranny and has never failed me. Yet It just doesn't seem like a bike i'd want to spend more than a hour or two on the hwy with. I've been considering the Suzuki S40 due to the fact I'm sure it will have the same rock solid reliability as my GS but seems as if it would be slightly more confidence inspiring. I love how simple it is, Air cooled thumper, one carb so no syncing, Belt drive would take less maintenance then my current chain. Seems like it would be a real simple bike to wrench on. Plus, Customization possibilities are endless and easy. I've owned everything from vintage italian scooters, 1100cc cruisers, Japanese liter bikes and even a few two stroke racers and at this point i'm basically just looking for a good solid, simple bike that can be ridden daily, maybe taken on the occasional out of state trip and keep me from buying a cage. I don't need to set any speed records and after owning a R1 I'm sure the S40 would feel plenty comfy and more economical. What i'd like to know is will the S40 be a solid replacement for my GS or will it leave me disappointed? My GS puts on 28hp on the dyno and Suzuki is claiming 32hp out of the S40 which weighs 50lbs less than my bike. What would you fellows do?
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