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Originally Posted by maloryII View Post
Here's me, Sierra Vista to Tucson AZ @ 70 mph/1900 rpm (~70 miles). This reading more-or-less matches the OEM NAV (23.0 mpg), my Garmin (23.2), and ol' gas pump calculator math (22.7 mpg), and should be considered the extreme high end for this truck. But still:

I was going to call BS on that gas mileage, but I recently took the rooftop tent off and got an easy everyday 18mpg (previously I was getting 15mpg) without any funny business. It's amazing what taking 120 bulky pounds off the roof will do. I look forward to getting 400-mile tanks again.

I did cut it pretty close yesterday, but there were still a few gallons left in the tank.

One of these days when I'm carrying a gas can I'll run it completely out to see where that line really is.
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