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Originally Posted by James Adams View Post
I was going to call BS on that gas mileage, but I recently took the rooftop tent off and got an easy everyday 18mpg (previously I was getting 15mpg) without any funny business. It's amazing what taking 120 bulky pounds off the roof will do. I look forward to getting 400-mile tanks again.

I did cut it pretty close yesterday, but there were still a few gallons left in the tank.

One of these days when I'm carrying a gas can I'll run it completely out to see where that line really is.

Like I said, it's the extreme high end. I wasn't going downhill, though -- it was mild rolling interstate at moderate speeds (65-70mph). Any significant change in speed, altitude or incline and that would not be a sustainable number. The key I've found is really making sure it kicks down --- with a hair too much throttle (or CC) it'll sit at 2100rpms versus 1750 or so. It's a "hidden kickdown" if that makes any sense. I found this would cost me 1-2 mpg.

Driving from AZ to WA last week, towing 6,000lbs, I got 13.5 mpg over 1800 miles. That's as good or better than most if not all full-size gas V8 pickups.

I agree, 400 mi tanks are the real prize.
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