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Merry Christmas!!

It goes without saying that the pair of you have had a huge year of adventure, adversity and have overcome some nerve shattering hurdles along the way. So my thoughts go out to you both on this Christmas Day when you are so far from family and friends.

It's great to see you up and going again Ellen. I know that crash must have been a huge blow to your confidence, and body, and no one blames you for slotting into the pillion seat. However, now you can sit back, take in the view with a camera in tote, and leave the pointy end of the machine for Andi to worry about.

Andi, I'm sure you have found new limits for where your patience can be stretched, or at least Suzuki USA certainly has. I admire how through thick and thin you have managed to find find a solution and still climb back on your iron horse to venture on.

Here's to real adventure, the way it meant to be lived.

Seasons greetings and ride on,

Dave Caesar
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