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Wrapping it Up

This was my longest trip so far and my first try at moto camping. 2010 miles for me over 6 days of riding. I would have preferred to have a bit more time for the travel segments of the trip. I know I passed up some great riding to get where I needed to be. It wasn't possible on this trip, but that's what the next trip down is for! As a bonus, I added some more maps to the posts for the weekend to show our routes around the area.

Based on what I learned from my first trip ( ), I needed to do something to ease my butt pain and to stop my hands from going numb. I made a few changes to help out with these issues.

For my butt, I bought an Air Hawk. This was an expensive item at $199 and I was concerned it would be money wasted. I can say that it helped me stay in the saddle for a little longer. It didn't deliver all day or even day comfort though. Without it, I would start wanting to get off the bike in 30 45 minutes and with it, I could go over an hour but not 2 hours certainly. It did allow me to find out that my knees start to hurt as well after an hour. For long distances, I will continue to use it, but for normal riding or on the twisties, it gets stored away. I guess I am happy that it helped, but for the cost, I am somewhat disappointed. Everyone's butt is different. YMMV

For my hands, I bought Grip Puppies. These are foam sleeves that slip over the stock grips. I really like these. I have big hands and the larger diameter grips are more comfortable. I also used new gloves on this trip and I think those helped. In any case, I had no hand problems this trip.

All the camping gear I have is leftover from family camping trips. Tents were set up in the back yard, but both were too big to pack into the saddle bags. Same for our old Coleman sleeping bags. So I needed a tent and a sleeping bag. I am not a big fan of buying cheap gear, but I blew my budget on new moto pants, gloves and the Air Hawk. So cheap it was. I found this tent on Amazon.

The tent worked well. It stayed waterproof during the rain we had and had sufficient room for me and my gear. The vestibule was good for muddy boots. I figured if I got through this trip, it was worth the money I spent. I will use it again on a similar trip.

I bought a sleeping bag and air mattress at Walmart. Again, I knew this wasn't the best gear. The air mattress never held air for more than a few hours, so it wasn't worth the money or the space it took up. The sleeping bag was chosen to be able to fit it in the trunk. With the colder than expected temps I had on this trip, this bag didn't cut it. It would be fine in warmer temps. The stuff sack it came with had a seem start to tear when I packed up. I am sure that can be sewed up.

Thanks for following along! Writing this has allowed me to enjoy the trip all over again and has me psyched for next year's riding season!
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