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Originally Posted by feldjäger View Post
So I have done a few rides recently with groups of 8-14 bikes, and have had mixed feelings about the experience. I guess the big thing is the groups I have rode with consisted of only a rider or two I have been on a ride with before, and figuring out other people's skills in a group can be interesting. I find its either, too slow, more stops than needed, loud bikes, riders who don't know how to ride in groups, i.e., spacing, and formations, ect...

Curious to what others think, and what are your limits, and experiences.
I have a hard time with large rides. Not in a bad way, so to speak.
One one hand you got to meet new people, most of them are great.
You get to ride a road/trail/goatpath or more that you have never been on.
Probably some little 6' square buildings that the most amazing food that you have never been to. You get to poke and prod bikes that you might like to own or are just curious about, all because they are there.

So when you go on these types of rides, you have to adapt your attitude to that. No biggie.

On the other hand...........Just hope that there is not some hotrod bastard that wants to back it in. People have been kinda pissed about me roosting them ....Sometimes I just go stoopit

I could tell you some funny as stories of me riding all over the US with the fucktards from this site. From "holy fuck that dude was scary" "Jeebus H. Christ that mofo OWNS that KTM" and everything inbetween.

Either way, I have had some unreal fun rides, regusrdless of the number of riders.

Then there is some of the local street only guys around here.
Not even in the same ballpark, but same skill level. I dont mind pinning an FZ1, but I get really nervous about the LEO. On dirt, my biggest fear was knocking my dumbass out.....alone....again....

Go with the just never know.
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