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I cut out some new gaskets for the CCT and the stator cover, though I only made the stator one as a template to send off if I ever need the gasket actually made, as it would have to be heavier duty than this thin fiber paper stuff. I only need to cut out one more, for the base of the new cylinder. I guess after I have the head machined, I'll try using the MLS head gasket that the cylinder came with...I also removed and cleaned the stator itself, before swapping it into the replacement case cover, then I did a final clean and lube of the water pump impeller shaft and its bearings. Learned a valuable lesson about why you shouldn't use anything but snap-ring pliers when removing snap rings...

I spent a whole day on the head last week. Really hard to get any decent pictures, but I "ported and polished" it. I sanded the intake and exhaust runners, removing the fat lips of aluminum casting flash where the runner meets each valve seat ring, as well as smoothing the walls of the chambers. I polished the domed part of the inside of the head, as well as lapped the valves. Now I need to file down the welds on the muffler from when I repaired the break, have the head milled flat, and install my new valve seals, which unfortunately won't be here til January 4th. :/ Theoretically, after that, I should be a go for reassembly of the whole scooter. I'm thinking I'll run it for a day with the first oil change, drain it, fill it up again, and maybe run that second oil fill for a week? ...Thoughts on that?

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This is a neat thread!!! I was working for Honda when these scooters were new and it brings back some great memories!!! I've got my ole CH150 Deluxe (forgets year, 85, 86? ) sitting covered up out in the drive. The exaust gasket thing brings back memories. 9 out 10 were missing when these scooters came in for a service. Love the pics in this thread as well!!!
That's awesome! I think I would love working for Honda. This is definitely my first experience with all this gasket nonsense, both for the head and for the muffler...It's definitely a heck of a lot of work to be putting into something this old, but it's a great learning experience!

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got two CH150 or CH125 parts scooters. both has complete engine/tranny, wheels, etc. let me know if you get stuck and need something
Thanks so much,I'll definitely keep that in mind!
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