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Having two daughter's past the age of wanting to hang around with their parents, even on Christmas Eve, and a wife who works long hours at her job, even on holidays, I find myself with some time to do an update at the weirdest times

It's been a couple of weeks since the lift and new tires were installed. I had taken the car down to the dunes and then started hearing a noise that sounded like the rear right wheel bearing was beginning to go. David and I made plans to replace all of the wheel bearings before the race, and just decided to knock that one out first. No big deal.

I have also started to remove the pin-striping and stock graphics from the car. It is the first step in getting it ready for paint.

This little baby helps with removing 17 year old oem stickers:

Then played with some painter's tape to mock up some graphic/paint ideas:

I guess now is as a good a time as any to talk about the look I hope to achieve for this build. Those videos I posted were a hint. While toying with the idea of wood grain sides and Portlandia stickers, I really want the car to look like a proper race car.

It came to me one night while having a couple of cocktails and searching the interwebs:

I decided the car should have a look inspired by some late 80's-early 90's vintage African Rally cars

I thought it would be cool if it looked like we were visiting Tunisia and someone opened a storage unit and said, "Oh yeah, this one ran a couple of years in the East African Rally, make me an offer." And we did, and we brought it back to the states and decided to race it in the M1K!

So that's where I'm at. I am working through some ideas, and here is one. Of course, the graphics would not be black marker. Not to scale

Trying to decide on overall colors now..but am leaning toward yellow and blue as they have been the Subaru Rally colors since they got into WRC. But, this could easily change.

This week, I used the race car to pick up old tannenbaum and now have the needles to prove it:

And you can see the temporary spare tire set-up while I am testing everything out. It's crude, but it gives me two full size spares, and seems to be holding for now.

Today, I asked my youngest if she'd rather decorate the tree, or take the car to Sandlake and climb some dunes. She had her Outta Sight Racing tee shirt and my Outta Sight Racing sweatshirt on and was in the car before I knew it

I aired down the Toyo Open Country's a bit to 20 psi. Then we were off...

The car was running amazingly well. Great power everywhere, no weird smells, noises or concerns. I actually was surprised just how good that little motor is, and I am really running it hard. Next time I promise to bring a proper video camera to show just what a little tractor the car is. I did a few speed runs in the flats but didn't push it since I had my daughter and no cage yet in the car. No problems at 78 mph over rough terrain and then climbing a soft dune at the end of it.

By the "yeah" at the end, I think Brooklynn approves:

The New Creations Fabrication 2" lift and the bigger tires give me the ground clearance I was looking for

Here's a look at the rear spacers:

However, looking at the car, I keep thinking I want to widen the stance, if only just a little bit. So I have been looking into some high quality wheel spacers to get the tires out just a little bit to make it look "right" to me.

When I got home and was rinsing the sand off, I noticed two things right away:

First, it appears that the car has decided on its own it is time to address the approach and departure angles before we go much further. Today, she told me to work on my ideas for the departure angle

And this is one reason why you start with a $500 dollar car when building a race car..because you don't get upset when this type of thing happens. You actually get very happy because you have the car running early enough in the build that you get to test the crap out of it and improve, alter and make design changes as necessary. Which is a good thing, because it looks like wheel spacers aren't just needed to improve the looks of the car...

Funny, I don't remember putting a white-walled tire on there
And what I thought was a bad wheel bearing was really just the tire rubbing on the strut thanks to me adjusting the camber just a little too much

Luckily, the damage was just cosmetic to both the tire and the strut. And I have no plan on running the white letters out unless Toyo is going to get me a sweet deal on tires

Besides, General Tire is the sponsor of the M1K and are already going to give me a sweet deal on Grabbers once the production run on my size is done!

I looked at the left side and to my chagrin, there was not much breathing room between that tire and the strut. So it appears that for Christmas, I'll be buying myself some wheel spacers for the Subaru after all.

That's good for now...and to all a Good Night!!

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