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Usually the only reason to fill up on the side of the road is from being too lazy to stop for gas when you see it, then having all the energy you need to walk several miles, borrow a can (soda bottles on the side of the road work great to get enough fuel to go the extra miles, and good funnels, btw...), then hike back to the car...

Frequently, and without warning.
Or you miss a turn off due to a bush fire (yes, to stay on the same road you turn right not straight on, (Kamanya this was just after Sishen mine) then instead of doubling back you see that there is another "road" (Postmasburg) to get you back on track, it turns out to be 40 miles of sand and gravel The fun part is that the piece of road you missed out had the filling station on it we cruised at about 50 mph to get to Uppington at dark running on fumes lying the pig down to get last drops of fuel at the end, but we got there
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