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Originally Posted by Tim McKittrick View Post
I'm not surprised you are having clearance issues with the rear tires.

My Dad had a similar vintage Outback and in stock trim there simply wasn't enough clearance to mount tire chains in the back. This would normally not be a huge issue except that this was his first automatic car ever (thanks to his 2nd wife's insistence) and when descending his horrible mountain road on glare ice the rear unchained tires would lock, the ABS would cycle the brake pressure back, and the car would rocket down the road out of control up to something like 15 MPH when there would be enough engine braking provided through the auto to slow it down. When the road was bad enough that chains were required 15-20 was WAYYYYYYY to fast.

After this happened to him twice (both times he avoided damage to the car or himself- but not his underwear) he and I kluged up a defeat switch to shut off the ABS and were able to source spacers to move the rear wheels out about 3/4". The spacers allowed the use of Whitestar style inner loop chains but they would still rub at higher wheel speeds, so Dad mostly relied on shutting off the ABS and using only chains on the front- fine for up-hills but a little sketchy going down.
Thanks for this insight! I was actually thinking exactly this; that there was no way that chains were work back there.

Although the tires I have on there on now are a bit bigger, they are not wider.

stock is 205/70R15

I have 205/75R15 on there now.

same width at 8.07 inches (205 mm)

sidewall height: 5.64 in stock, 6.05 now

overall diameter: 26.29 in stock, 27.10 now

I can see how having the extra height would put the rubber closer to the strut. This just shows that the spacers will probably end up being a certainty.

Originally Posted by hankgs View Post
Lovin this thread! What would be cool is if you could make an itemized list of all the alterations to the stock subbie and how much dinero each one was... It would be interesting to see the outcome and all the parts needed to tackle building a "non-pro built" yet capable rally subbie... Thanks for sharing with us all!
Sorry, but I might disappoint here. I really don't like keeping track of my costs on these builds, because quite frankly, it would freak me out seeing it on paper. I really don't like knowing just how much this ridiculous hobby actually costs my family.

However, I really appreciate your optimistic statement of this thing being a "capable rally subbie" when I'm done with this.

It's a Christmas miracle. Thank you for that!!
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