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Originally Posted by Welshman View Post
I had pins plus an external fixation as my wrist bones were smashed, surgeon said it was like "corn flakes in there" after 3 months of sleeping with the hand suspended from the ceiling they loosened the fixation then a few weeks later removal, surgeon says 2 choices in theatre with full on book you in anaethesia etc or in my rooms no issue, how is your pain threshhold by the way, big rough tough biker I said not bad do it in your rooms etc.

I had assumed local anaesthetic or something, no nothing, first cannot find the right allen key set the fancy fixation was american with your funny imperial stuff so they get a set from theatre, undo the bolts then the 2 x 100mm long screws that go through all 4 bones in the back of my hand get unscrewed with a set of 300mm pliers, no pain I must say, but the sensation and watching it, I apparently went "a touch pale" then greenish then the 2 x through my arm and all done... next time theatre please

I later found out it was the first time he had done it out of theatre
yes - mine felt like nails on a chalkboard which originated inside my wrist!
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