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Originally Posted by rycomm View Post
I recently got a Firstgear heated jacket. I've been putting this off thinking I could get by with more layers. I gave in but I've been second guessing my decision after doing some post purchase research.
I got the 90 watt jacket, thinking it would pull less current if I turned it down. I'm sure it would be fine on the V-Strom at just about anything over idle. It would probably be too much for the DRZ or TU. Should I have gotten the 65 watt version. It is still new, and I can exchange it straight out from my local dealer.
I also got the single zone controller. Everything I've read since I bought it says the dual zone is much better. I don't have any heated gloves or pants, and haven't planned on adding any. But, heated gear may be the best investment I never knew I needed. This too is still in the package, and can be exchanged for the dual zone for the difference in price ($30, I think).
It's starting to look a lot like winter here, and should do the exchange soon so I can get some use out of the new gear.

Ryan I have the dual controler because I have a jacket, pants, gloves, and socks. I control the top half with one side and the bottom half with the other.

You can run the jacket on your TU, I run all of my stuff on mine.
I have this power point on the handle bars.

and bought this handy plug in volt meter at wally world

I mount the volt meter on my tank bag

the voltage drops when the gear cycles on but I can ride in stop and go traffic and it still does alright. I always shut the heated gear off about a mile from my stop so the battery is fully charged.
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