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Apparently I had gotten a little too confident. My front tire got caught in a rut and headed a different direction than the rear. It hopped out and bounced back and forth a few times before hooking up and sending me flying superman style into the mud.

I was completely covered. Mud splashed up under the chin guard coating the inside of the shield. Luckily there was a river nearby to get cleaned up in.

After washing the mud out of my helmet I saddled up, still soaked and gritty. We pressed on, not far from the highway now.

Back on the tarmac, we made a beeline for Eureka, MT where Shawn was awaiting us.

Rt 3 brought us through Sparwood and Fernie, all big logging towns.

At the border I pull up to the line as usual with my passport ready. The guard is working at his computer, then stops and chuckles. He got up and came out of the guardhouse without saying a word, leaving me a little confused. After walking behind me he brushes off the license plate and says:

"Have a little fun up there in Canada?"

"Uh, yup little too much fun"

Laughing, he said "couldn't even read your plate with the camera"
"Have a good one"

We were on our way with no trouble. We found Shawn camping in a park by the Tobacco river in downtown Eureka. He had been in town for a night already and seemed to know everyone there and everything about the town.
It seemed like an odd place for a campsite, but apparently it was allowed and we gladly set up camp. I washed the grit out of myself and my gear in the freezing river and set everything out to dry. That river was damn cold and moving pretty quick - but it sure felt refreshing after the long day.

Eureka is a nice small town - we quickly found a deal we couldn't turn down for some food and a chance to catch up on the activities of the last few days.

Shawn had a new set of knobbies, an air filter and fresh oil. Ready and set to go for the morning.
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