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The only thing that matters to me about a bike like this is how it looks and feels from the saddle. If it is reasonably comfortable, and capable of freeway travel (my air cooled Rebel 250 was) , and if I can figure out a way to carry stuff on it, and because it has tubeless tires that can be repaired without a centerstand, I like it. Unlike most everybody here, I am looking for a bike to ride. Just ride. Not a sport bike, I can't handle the ergos on one of those. I would prefer it not be a cruiser, but that would be ok, if a 250 cruiser fit the bill. I am NOT looking for power or handling beyond what is necessary to cruise down the highway. Some say this bike is ugly, then turn around and praise the Honda NC700X, the ugliest motorcycle I've ever seen. IF this does not work out, my only other choice will be a 250cc or larger scooter. There are no other 250cc bikes that meet my needs. I have non issues with a scooter, I already have 3, but none of them are freeway legal. I was going to get a larger one when I saw this and became intrigued by it. So I at least intend to check it out, IF it ever shows up.
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