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Originally Posted by kellymac530 View Post
I do not smoke either and never will. I have a daughter that suffers from asthma and smoke chokes her out bad. We have neighbors that all smoke in their back yard and we have our windows open in the summer and we get choked out everyday. I can not afford to run the AC all of the time nor do I want to, those jackasses piss me the hell off.
I would never and will never support any death stick companies. I do not care if Gaston Raihers trust and BMW gave me the 1st Dakar winning actual bike still with Dakar dirt on, I would peel off those crappy ass stickers or Kilz over the paint and get rid of that crap from my bike.

I do not just dislike cigarettes, I HATE smoking and people that smoke. PERIOD. Sorry smokers, I have never seen one smoke that was responsible with their butts, wrappers, boxes, cellophane, ash, matches and foils liners. They ALL throw some of that stuff in the street, in the toilets, on my lawn, out the window of their car and into my face or lap while riding....I hate you dirty, discusting, polluting, and inconsiderate fools that smoke....
Thanks for you input, off my soap box now and on to my build plan.
Way to hijack your own thread! I can almost see the spittle on the screen!
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