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Day 14: Brappin' Across Big Sky Country

The next morning we got up at a reasonable hour and spread gear out to dry before walking back into town to get a hearty breakfast.

But instead of returning to dry gear...

The sprinkler system was turned on and completely soaked our gear and tents. I knew that grass looked too green. We ran around throwing stuff on top of the sprinklers to block the spray and started packing up. Everything was fine until the alternate sprinklers turned on and we did the dance all over again.

Finally, we got moving. A little bit of road time put us a good distance East and back into the dirt!

We were still off the actual continental divide by a good distance, though the mountains grew nearer every minute.

We blasted along gravel paths and forest roads enjoying spectacular views. Occasionally we'd pass a camp, or a small house out in the woods.

Bernie took the lead for a while, and I hung back avoiding the dust.

Which there was a considerable amount of. At this point I discovered I lost one of my hiking boots off the back. Crap.

Here, I realized I'd lost the other one.

I guess bad things come in threes.

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