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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden View Post
My last GS has a set of Hella FF50's for driving lights, and a set of Motolights for conspicuity. The FF50 lightsd were great, but no longer available. The motolights were very expensive, and nearly useless.

On my new to me GS I want to go with LEDs. I have installed a few different sets on friend's bikes, and have been impressed. BUT, I want to keep the price reasonable, and want driving lights that put out!

So, what have you used, pros and cons?


I really like the Baja Designs SII LED Combo Lights I have on my Husaberg and am VERY happy with their huge output, compact design and very low power consumption. They seem to have a perfect compromise of wide angle and long throw illumination, proving very useful for night time riding and getting cagers attention on the road too.

There's a Baja Designs thread with holiday discount happening right now in the ADV Vendors forum.

Here's some comparison photos shot on full manual with my camera to control the exposure, what you see is what it is, an HID headlamp on the Husaberg, and a stock headlight on a CRF250L to give you an idea how bright these little lights are.

CRF250L Low Beam

CFR250L high beam

Husaberg with 55w aftermarket HID headlight only.

Both Baja Designs SII LED Combo Lights only

HID and Baja Design lights

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