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Replaced fork boots with KTM guards

So right after I bought my bike I started going through it and figuring out what needed to be done, fixed, or upgraded. I quickly realized that the PO had neglected to tell me a fork seal was leaking and that that fork had a gouge in it which he tried to buff out. Of course the leaking seal also took out the brake pads. So off I went to find a new set of forks, I quickly found a set on eBay for a decent price...done. So I bought some new oil/dust seals and some new springs and commenced to taking it apart. Little did I know that taking it apart and riding my 200 2 stroke would change my life for a while. So since I was out of commission and needed to get the bike back together and out of the garage I elected to send the forks off to Cogent Dynamics with my parts for a full upgrade to include revalving. I got the forks back several weeks later and noticed that the fork boots were quite torn up and needed replacing. After searching several places I found I would be out about $80.00, not that $80.00 is a lot but I find the boots kind of ugly. Having a lot of time on my hands now I found a link over on Thumper Talk which talked about using hard plastic covers or blades which are similar to the same things used on USD forks. I figured what the Hell I will give those a try. So I began sourcing parts only to find out that a key component, plastic fork clamp, was no longer available but only after buying all the other pieces. I called several KTM parts guys and everyone had the same story....out of stock and will not be replenished. So I went to the secondary market, used, and found a set...again on eBay. I got the parts in and the one part I really needed which was the clamp was damaged. I made it work and just finished getting them installed yesterday. I still can't ride but at least the bike is back operational again. Here are a few pictures of my install.

Shows the blade guide and clamp (clamp is discontinued)

Just showing how the brake line feeds up behind the blade through a hole so that it can move freely during compression and rebound.

Because the clamp is slightly too big for the fork I added a few turns of electrical tape to give the clamp something to bite on.

This shows how the brake line gets pinched between the two clamps to keep it in place

and the last picture just shows my dash configuration with GPS mount, SPOT mount, and fold away mirrors, I would like to upgrade the complete dash area with some type of rally setup someday so I can get all the crap off the bars....maybe some day!

I just want to thank my good buddy Dave, EOD3MC, who helped me get the bike back together and test the new suspension. Thanks Dave!!! The good news is because he helped me, the DRZ bug bit him and he now is the proud owner of a DRZ as well.

Merry Christmas!
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