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OK, I just copied the entire latest version NA.2013.30 file download (yikes - 6.83GB total) to an 8GB SD card with objective of being able to select that latest map version with SD inserted into my original Zumo 550. As clarification, I own 2/ea Zumo 550, SP2730 and SP2720 units. The other Z550 and both SP2730 feature LM subscriptions, so my hope is to piggyback off those for my original Zumo unit. I figured Zumo would prompt me if I'd like to import newly found data, but no dice. I even detached the files from the NA.2013.30 folder in case that was an issue but no dice.

Some of you mentioned much smaller file sizes, so I'm thinking only a subset of files within 6.83GB total are required? Some clarification would be helpful. What file names/extensions/sizes are you using successfully? I'm not a Garmin novice and I'm actually proficient in creating custom MapSource routing, but this has me stumped. TIA...
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