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Originally Posted by lightfox View Post
Merry Christmas, everyone. I know I'm in season for asking about winter gear because it just started getting cold here in Phoenix whereas some of you are much colder temps than I'm in. My only gloves are summer gloves, and I use them for a 10-12 minute commute in the morning, and I'm pretty uncomfortable by the time I get there.
If you'll never ride farther north than Phoenix, then warmer gloves will suffice. But if you might find yourself getting up into the mountains in spring and fall, going over high passes and down into warm valleys, you will probably find heated grips are the ideal choice.

Living where I sometimes find both heated grips and heated gloves to be necessary, there has been plenty of opportunity to try them both individually as well as together. That includes riding all over the U. S. as well as in Alaska and Canada. Your gloves have the least insulation in the palms, which are in the closest contact with the handgrips. In cold weather, the handlebars will suck heat away from your hands as they, the handlebars, are cooled in the airstream. Conversely, with the fairly tight grip you maintain on the handgrips, heat is efficiently transferred to your hands through that same "inadequate" insulation. While I carry well-insulated gloves on every ride, the heated grips that I have installed on every one of my bikes are the real live savers when it starts getting chilly.
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