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Kind of hate to have my very first post on this forum something really dumb I did with a black bear. You will probably wonder why they have dropped the IQ requirement so greatly.

I live on a 1.5 acre property in the country. A few years ago I saw a black bear eyeing the beehives a friend keeps on one corner of our property - not hard to imagine what was going through its mind. An old single shot 12 guage was by the back door along with some light trap loads, used for dispatching magpies. I picked up the gun and a few shells and walked toward the bear. When I was about 30 yards away from the bear and it was facing away from me, I fired into its butt. Figured the noise and sting of the pellets would send it running.

I was half lucky. It didn't run back at me, which it well could have. Instead it ran for the closest fir tree and started climbing. It finally dawns on me that this bear not only knows where there is an excellent food source (which will cost my friend hundreds of dollars when it tears apart the hives) but also a bear with one very bad experience with human beings. Rightly or wrongly, I decide this bear has to die. I have no shotgun slugs nor a high power rifle, so call a friend who does have a .300 magnum.

The bear is still up the tree when he arrives. What follows should give pause to any of you planning to possibly kill a bear with a handgun. When he shot it in the heart/lung area, that bear climbed another 25 feet up the tree faster than any cat I've seen climb a tree before falling to the ground dead.

What I WISH I had done was simply fire a shot or two in the air close to my back door. Not sure if that would have scared the bear off for good, The hives are still there, now surrounded by electric netting with solar power. No more bear problems.
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