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Windows 8 phone recommendations?

Anybody done some remote area navigating with a Windows Phone 8 and got recommendations? I'm looking for something that can save and load GPX tracks.

I just loaded three from the app store and I'm not very impressed. One has no metric option, so that lasted only a few seconds before "uninstall". With he next one I could find no method of actually loading a track (and there's no help on the web site).

GPX Pathfinder is the most promising so far. I was able to create a log and also load one, but the whole of the New Zealand track that I loaded is about 20 km too far east. I used Google Maps, but it also supports Bing and Open Streets. Surely that would not make any difference anyway? It's not going to be useful if the loaded file does not agree with the maps :(

For what it's worth, Sports Tracker is the best route logging software I've found. It records route, speeds and altitude superimposed on Goggle maps. Logs can be uploaded to its web site and "shared". Even if the required map is not installed, you can still view the route on a map after uploading. However it cannot load a route or navigate, so it's only half of the solution.

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