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Originally Posted by BergDonk View Post
Thanks for this. I have previously had a look at the Wiki, and I guess I should have mentioned that too. I guess I'm just thick, but I can't find the answers to the questions that I've asked, and that's why I thought I'd try the ever helpful ADV community.
They certainly are a very friendly and helpful bunch!

Originally Posted by BergDonk View Post
As far as using the Montana when connected to the PC, the Wiki explains how to get it to remain in USB mode which seems to have been an issue for some, but not that it can be used normally when connected to a PC. I note that Yossarian states that it can't, which is consistent with the evidence I have.
Setup -> System -> Interface -> Garmin Spanner

When you connect your Montana via USB, it will ask if you wish to enter Mass Storage Mode.

Select 'No'.

The Montana will finish booting as if it were not connected to the computer, and you can continue to use it as such. If you have nRoute installed, it will read location information in real time from your Montana.

Very last line of the Mass Storage page in the wiki.

Originally Posted by BergDonk View Post
As far as fitting the battery, I did it as per the manual. Lined up the connections, put that end in first and then press the other end down. Removal is the reverse, with the non pin end being the power switch end.

FWIW this is not my first GPS device, I've been using them since about 1987.

I have got it visible in BaseCamp, and updated the firmware OK. And I can see the maps in BaseCamp OK too. I've been able to upload a couple of routes, although not tracks for some reason, but I want to sort the battery out before I get too far into it.
I agree, get the battery issue resolved ASAP, then move on.

If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.
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