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Originally Posted by bemiiten View Post
This is precisely the reason that the x76 units coupled with Mapsource are still the standard when it comes to building and navigating routes. With tracks, the GPS lays down straight lines from point to point as opposed to following the road. Also with tracks, you loose the single most important piece of information, distance to next turn. Following tracks requires far to much attention. Lots of stopping and zooming in and out to see if your on the right road. If you like guesswork and u turns, use tracks. Routes on the other hand require just a quick glance down to get all the information you need. Mapsource allows you to combine established roads and unmaped areas all into one easy to follow route.
Agree with part of this. I do love my 376c

Navigating tracks is not an issue for me on my 60csx or 376c. I just glance at the screen every now and then and see what's coming up. I have no problems with zooming in/out, but then again I leave it zoomed in pretty far.

And if you really want to have fun, the 376c will navigate a track as well.

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