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Originally Posted by Kedgi View Post
I'll take, "Problems I didn't need for 200 Alex"

My bank card is about to expire!

I bought the tires I needed and in order to pay for them I needed cash. I withdrew the money from my checking account using my bankcard as always. I then called home and asked Angele to put some more money in my account. when she did she saw a meesage from the bank, "You're bank card is about to expire and we've mailed you a new one" Yikes!

sure enough, I checked my card and stamped into it is an expiry date, end of 01/13. Who knew bank cards expire?

I have had that card for years. What are the odds it would expire when I'm on an extended trip in South America?

We are hoping Angele will get the new card in the mail, soon, and be able to FedEx it to me here somewhere. WAPITA!

Might be worth calling your bank and try to get an extension on your current card after explaining that you are traveling abroad. I know it can be done, but if they'll do it is another question. Good luck!
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