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Greyhound, can I assume based on the new pics that the puig screen does not interfere with the US turn signals? I see where even the AF1 website states there may be interference with the US model turn signals. I was recently considering a SC250, but the lack of good fitting windscreens sort of changed my mind. I like a tall full windscreen and the Slipstreamer Scoot models seem to be the only ones available and I don't think they are rated for high speed work. If the puig sends the airflow to the top of my helmet (5'10") I would probably ok with it. The puig is a good looking screen.
correct no interference with turn signals the AF1 site seems a bit misleading I guess they are just trying to cover their ass.

I have that exact screen but for me at 6' the wind noise is a direct hit on my ears making a driving experience less windy over all but louder overall as well and I like to keep my hearing. That said I think a laminar lip might work to get a little extra hieght.
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