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Originally Posted by go::ahead View Post
I'm halfway through insulating that back wall then I'll move on to the other wall. One question though: that yellow cord hanging down in the top image actually plugs into the workbench socket and feeds the security light in front of the garage. Someone did a have ass job and just used an extension cord for that light instead of running wire. Now if I tear that out and run proper wire tapped into that outlet will I be in violation of any codes?

I'm not an electrician, but did just spend some time reading electrical code for fixing a bunch of outlets. First, make sure you know what else (if anything) is on that circuit and make sure the breaker is sized correctly for the wire gauge that is used. Then if you want to tie into that circuit, do it by pigtailing the wires -- ie the feeder wire has wire nut connections on the hot, neutral and ground that split off -- one for the existing outlet, and another line for your new line. This way, the wire nut connection is bearing the load, not the existing outlet, and if you remove or have problems with the existing outlet, it won't affect your new line circuit.
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